Canandaigua FCU Routing Number: 222380281

Accounts at Canandaigua FCU

Financial stability is built on both a commitment to saving and wise spending. Canandaigua FCU offers savings and checking options that make the most of the money you use every day and help our members save for the future.

Share Draft/Checking Accounts

Canandaigua FCU offers share draft/checking accounts that are accessible through mobile banking, online banking and your Canandaigua FCU debit card.

Savings Accounts

You’ll earn more with your savings account at Canandaigua FCU. And when you earn more, you want to save more, and that balance just keeps growing!

Club Accounts

A Club Account lets you save for a specific purpose. Canandaigua offers three types of Club Accounts:

Share Certificates of Deposit

You can earn higher interest when you commit to long-term savings with a Share Certificate of Deposit. 

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

An IRA lets you save for retirement or your child’s college expenses while offering tax benefits. Canandaigua offers three types of IRA accounts:

Canandaigua FCU Routing Number: 222380281