Loan Rates Savings Rates Share and IRA - Term Share Certificates Fees and Services

Effective as of: 10/17/2017
Membership Fee$0.25
Insufficient Funds (NSF)$35.00
Copy of a Check$3.00
Return of Deposited Item$35.00
Statement Reproduction$3.00
Involuntary Closing Fee$15.00
Funds Transfer Fee$1.00
Stop Payment (check and EFT)$25.00
Non-CFCU ATM Fee over 4 per month$1.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic$20.00
Wire Transfer - International$40.00
Card Replacement Fee$10.00
Protest Check$25.00
Late Payment Fee$25.00
Credit Union Check Charge$2.00
Account Balancing Per Hour - Minimum Fee 1 hr$25.00
Address Not Changed$5.00
Flood Cert$20.00
VISA overlimit fee$25.00
Copy fee per page$0.25
Mortgage Modification$300.00
Research Fee Per Hour - Minimum Fee 1 hr$75.00
Monthly Inactive/Dormant Account Fee$5.00