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Effective as of: 02/01/2018
Share certificate rates effective: 02/01/2018
Share and IRA Term Share Certificates
Term...NEW MONEY SpecialMinimumRateAPY*
LIMITED TIME 18 Month, Full$1,0001.25%1.25%
LIMITED TIME 18 Month, Std$1,0001.00%1.00%
Existing MoneyTerm ShareMinimumRateAPY
3 Months, Full Service Members$100.30%.30%
3 Months, Standard$100.05%.05%
6 Months, Full Service Members$100.40%.40%
6 Months, Standard$100.15%.15%
12Months, Full Service Members$100.50%.50%
12Months, Standard$100.25%.25%
24 Months, Full Service Members$100.75%.75%
24 Months, Standard$100.50%.50%
30 Months, Full Service Members$100.80%.80%
30 Months, Standard$100.55%.55%
36 Months, Full Service Members$100.90%.90%
36 Months, Standard$100.65%.65%
48 Months, Full Service Members$1001.15%1.15%
48 Months, Standard$100.90%.90%
60 Months, Full Service Members$1001.25%1.25%
60 Months, Standard$1001.00%1.00%
Precious Person CDs$000.15%.15%
Any amount of money, anytime!
Buildable 10 Month, Full$000.45%.45%
Buildable 10 Month, Standard$000.20%.20%
Buildable 12 Month, Full$000.50%.50%
Buildable 12 Month, Standard$000.25%.25%
Buildable 15 Month, Full$000.60%.60%
Buildable 15 Month,Standard$000.35%.35%
Buildable 24 Month, Full$000.75%.75%
Buildable 24 Month, Standard$000.50%.50%
* Annual Percentage Yield