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Overview of Lending Services

We believe a member should be a saver BEFORE becoming a borrower. All members must meet credit criteria as established by policy.  All loan applications must be signed and accompanied by verification of income. It is preferable that loans be repaid through payroll deduction so that you will always remain a member in good standing. Loan rates vary depending on the type of loan and change frequently, you can see tables of current loan rates at our Interest Rates Page.

Full service members receive 1/2% discount on loan rates and 1/4% higher rates on share certificates. To meet these requirements, you need to have a savings account, a share draft account, VISA, and debit card. The interest rate on loans is dependent on credit score.

Available Products


No Annual Fee
Excluded from Life Insurance
Excluded from Full Service Discount

New Vehicles Loans

Up to 84 months

Pre-owned Vehicles

Up to 72 months
(Credit Unions discretion)

Boat, RV, & Trailer Loans

Up to 96 months

Personal Loan

12, 24, 36, 48, 60 months

Education Loan

Up to 60 months

Home Improvement Loan

Up to 96 Months

Home Equity Loan

Up to 180 months
Member responsible for closing costs
No application fee
No Title Insurance required on most loans
Excluded from Life Insurance

Rates are subject to change and are dependent upon credit approval
Rates available to full service members only.
Rates for non full services members are 1/2% higher
Full Service Members: Active Savings, Share Draft, VISA, and ATM.

Loan Rates Savings Rates Share and IRA - Term Share Certificates Fees and Services

Effective as of: 02/01/2021
Share certificate rates effective: 10/01/2019
Share and IRA Term Share Certificates
Existing MoneyTerm ShareMinimumRateAPY
3 Months, Full Service Members$100.05%.05%
3 Months, Standard$100.05%.05%
6 Months, Full Service Members$100.05%.05%
6 Months, Standard$100.05%.05%
12Months, Full Service Members$100.10%.10%
12Months, Standard$100.10%.10%
24 Months, Full Service Members$100.15%.15%
24 Months, Standard$100.15%.15%
30 Months, Full Service Members$100.20%.20%
30 Months, Standard$100.20%.20%
36 Months, Full Service Members$100.25%.25%
36 Months, Standard$100.25%.25%
48 Months, Full Service Members$100.35%.35%
48 Months, Standard$100.35%.35%
60 Months, Full Service Members$100.45%.45%
60 Months, Standard$100.45%.45%
Precious Person CDs$000.10%.10%
Any amount of money, anytime!
Buildable 10 Month, Full$000.05%.05%
Buildable 10 Month, Standard$000.05%.05%
Buildable 12 Month, Full$000.10%.10%
Buildable 12 Month, Standard$000.10%.10%
Buildable 15 Month, Full$000.10%.10%
Buildable 15 Month,Standard$000.10%.10%
Buildable 24 Month, Full$000.15%.15%
Buildable 24 Month, Standard$000.15%.15%
* Annual Percentage Yield